An LA native's gold-seeking expedition to the Sierra Nevada mountains takes an unexpected turn when the local townspeople take an interest in him and his bizarre mission.

The first episode of Miner Issues follows Quentin Burrows as he arrives in his new hometown of Golden Falls, on a secret mission to restart the Gold Rush. Unsure of what to do, he displays a remarkable mixture of confidence and incompetence in setting out on his mission in the little Mountain Town. The locals, intrigued by his presence, have a mixed reaction to his arrival, with Quentin getting a lot of love from the local "fireman", drawing ire from the local shopkeeper, and forming a dangerous kinship with the local meth dealer. After a night to forget in the mountains, he discovers his dream might not be as unreasonable as he once thought, but he'll need the help of the locals to make it a reality.

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Created by Ryan McDowell & Daniel Keenan